5 Foods That Cause Constipation and Other Stomach Problems
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5 Foods That Cause Constipation and Other Stomach Problems

Learn the 5 Foods that Cause Constipation and Other Stomach Problems. This article provides information about the foods that could trigger digestive problems such as constipation. It is important to prevent constipation to relax the body as well as improve the digestive system. Improving the digestive system means improving the overall health of the body.

Constipation sometimes not treated properly because the patient doesn't even know its causes. It is really important to know the causes of constipation for us to prevent it at its early stage. There are many reasons why stomach problems and constipation occur. In fact, the kinds of foods we eat could be some of the many factors. There are many foods that cause constipation and knowing these foods are the first and best initial step to prevent bloating and other stomach problems.

Constipation is an irritating and bothering feeling which normally characterized by the blockage of waste from the rectum. This problem could even lead to recurring or chronic constipation if not properly addressed. Normally, stress, lack of regular exercises, and improper taking of medication could even cause many stomach problems. It is really important for us to know the foods that cause constipation to prevent these foods for bringing irritation to our daily routines.

Red Meats

Most people especially overweight people love eating meats because of its delicious taste and mouth watering looks when roasted. Although, meats are a good source of protein which improves our muscles, it should still be taken in a moderate way. Too much meat could lead to obesity and high cholesterol level of the body. Red meats especially pork and beef are among the most common foods that cause constipation and other stomach problems of the body. Moderation of eating red meats could relieve some stomach problems, but it would still be better if it will be replaced with high protein vegetables as alternatives.


Coffee is a good partner in the morning together with some loaves of bread and fried eggs. However, coffee contains caffeine which has no benefits to the body's health. Drinking daily cups of coffee could lead to constipation and other stomach problems. This is one of the foods that cause constipation and should be avoided together with black tea, and chocolates. In the morning it is still better to drink plain water as plain water is healthier compared to any other flavored drinks.

Processed Foods

Most processed foods are foods that cause constipation and other stomach problems. It is because most processed foods have low fiber contents such as pasta, frozen French fries, pizza, and others. It is healthier to replace these processed foods with fiber rich foods such as oat meals and grains.

Milk and Cheese Products

Milk, cheese and other dairy products are foods that cause constipation. This is because of its low fiber content and high in saturated fats. Saturated fats could trigger various stomach problems such as constipation and bloating. Milk and cheese should be consumed at a moderate basis and not be totally avoided as they also contain calcium which is necessary for proper bone development.

Foods High in Sugar Content

Sugar is a complex carbohydrate but not so beneficial for health compared to the carbohydrates we obtain from potatoes, rice, etc. High sugar foods that cause constipation are cakes, pies, and cookies. In fact, they don't give too many benefits for health but they just cause constipation, diabetes, etc. if taken in excessive amount.

The stomach is one of the most important organs of the body which should be taken care of regularly. It is essential for us to lower or avoid the amount of consumption of the foods that cause constipation and other stomach problems.

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Excellent information to help people avoid this unpleasant problem.

Thank you for sharing very informative and helpful work with all of us. Now a days stomach problems are very common and it is just because of food. Shared and Voted.

Wonderful job on this, Mark, for a delicate subject! Voted!!!

Nice work!

I did not realize the coffee-constipation connection, I think I found the problem! Thanks.

Thank you for your helpful and healthful article on foods that cause constipation or upset stomach. Out of votes so will promote.