Constipation Remedies
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Constipation Remedies

When considering the best constipation remedies for you to use, remember that constipation is a serious condition. If left untreated it can lead to severe problems requiring a surgical solution. You will find some simple solutions in this article that will help prevent more serious problems if you will use them diligently.

Constipation is not a joking matter. It can cause some serious health

concerns if it is not dealt with . Constipation remedies can range from adding fiber to your diet all the way to a surgical solution if the problem becomes severe.

 I always advise that home remedies are better then over the counter laxatives because the laxatives can become habit forming and may cause considerable damage to your colon if used to frequently. Instead of using laxatives try drinking some warm apple cider to encourage your bowels to move. If that doesn't seem to work fast enough, cook up some rhubarb and add a little honey to sweeten it. You can eat it like this or add a bit of granola to it for an extra boost.

Sometimes constipation is caused by dehydration so make sure you are drinking plenty of water and juice. You can also grab a handful of raisins about an hour after you eat to help ease any constipation.

If you are feeling plugged up, a strong cup of coffee may provide the relief you need. Coffee stimulates your digestive tract and gets things moving again.

When considering constipation remedies, You won't want to forget about Olive oil. This will lubricate the intestines. Just try taking 3 tablespoons a day until the problem is resolved. You do not have to take it alone but can add it with vinegar as a salad dressing to make it more palatable. After eating your salad with the Olive oil and vinegar dressing take a walk around the block. It is a fact that exercise is necessary for proper bowel function.

Fresh fruit and vegetables eaten on a daily basis add plenty of fiber to the diet. But sometimes you may need a little extra fiber when constipation remedies are necessary. In this case fiber supplements may be helpful. Use a supplement that contains psyllium for the best results.

When considering the best constipation remedies for you to use,You will want to include the old tried and true prune juice that, when warmed up, will usually work with in a short period of time. Milk of Magnesia is another old tried and true remedy to consider.

If you find that the constipation is severe or a chronic problem, you will need to contact your health care provider to make sure that there isn't a more serious problem that needs treatment.

As with most problems, preventing constipation is the best option. The best way to do this is lifestyle changes. Those changes will include healthy eating. This means a diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables as well as fiber and grains. Exercise is important. Even a moderate amount will help keep you regular. A simple walk around the block after a meal is very beneficial. Drinking plenty of water and juice is extremely important to keeping your gut healthy. If you are dehydrated, Constipation is just one of the many health problems you will have to deal with. If you keep up with these simple preventive measures you will not have to worry about the best constipation remedies.

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Comments (2)

Excellent tips, especially about water and exercise.  Very good for people to try to remedy things naturally.

Very inspiring! I'm going to take your advice right now and take the dog out for a walk.