How To Constantly Avoid Constipation
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How To Constantly Avoid Constipation

Avoid constipation by following these recommended advice. You will surely feel good everyday.

Constipation is a condition wherein difficulty in passing out of stool is experienced. Stool is the end product of digestion that are stored in the colon that needs to be cleared as soon as they are developed. Anyone is vulnerable to constipation. But this appears more frequently in the elderly than the younger ones. Some experience constipation in a short period of time which lasts for several days only. Others, however, experience it for more than a month. Despite the length of time constipation is experienced, whether it is acute or chronic, constipation is definitely not normal.

Several factors cause constipation to happen. These are diet, amount of fluid intake, certain medications, activities, and supplements. In some instances, the weather can also be a factor. But there are ways that you can certainly do to constantly counter constipation.

• Eat more fruits and vegetables everyday. Atleast 3-5 servings of fiber each day can help prevent constipation. As the fiber in the fruits and vegetables add bulk to the digestive system, it allows the passage of the stool more easily.

• Drink about 10 glasses of water. As water is known as a universal solvent, drinking more every day can greatly help to avoid constipation. It however works at the end process of digestion by softening the stool in the large intestine. In hot and humid weathers, it is important that you drink a lot more than you usually does to provide your body the amount it needs to have.

• Avoid postponing your bowel. If you are this person, here’s how it is causing you constipation. Because the water in the colon is being reabsorbed by the body, the stool hardens as it loses fluid in it, thus making it difficult for you to pass it out. So the next time you are busy concentrating on something, take a few minutes of your time in the bathroom to give way to this biological need.

• Make it a habit that you go to the bathroom everyday. Depending on your schedule, you can choose to have it in the day before going to work or in the evening before bed. By doing so, you are giving your body an opportunity of clearing out these toxic substances, and making you fell more comfortable and light.

• Increase physical activities. Even just a simple use of stairs when going to the next level of the building in your office would be a great help to let your digestive system loosen up, thus increasing the motility of what’s inside it.

• If you are taking supplements such as iron, magnesium, and potassium, you need to increase more of the fluid and fiber intake than you normally do as these supplements are known for its side effects to harden the stool.

• Use drugs. Senna is the most common motility drug that softens the stool and making it easier to pass out. It comes in many forms, taken orally through tablets, tea, or in a solution, and can also be suppository by inserting it anally. It is however used for chronic cases, most likely to the elderly. Or in some cases, if there will be a procedure that needs to be done in the digestive system, like endoscopy to detect any tumors or abnormalities inside, the doctor prescribes this sort of medicine to have a better visualization. You should avoid using these forms of drugs however in a regular basis because this can lessen the normal sensation of your bowel, making you dependent on it.

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Great information and nicely presented. I am out of votes so will promote and award you my thanks too.

my grandma suffers a lot of this. thanks for your tips

Outstanding tips. thanks