How to Cure Constipation: Natural Cures for Constipation
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How to Cure Constipation: Natural Cures for Constipation

This article contains ways to cure constipation without reaching for potentially dangerous over the counter laxatives. These constipation cures are natural, environmentally friendly, and do not result in dependence for bowel function. Learn why over the counter remedies like ex lax are damaging, and why it's better to prevent constipation or fix constipation naturally.

Constipation is a horrible affliction. It can cause gas, cramping, bloating, a sluggish, full feeling, headaches (including migraines,) and exhaustion. When a bout of constipation strikes, it can make the entire day miserable. It might be tempting to reach for a laxitive to cure constipation, but read the box (or bottle) first: using laxatives can create "dependancy." This means that using laxatives can cause you to actually experience constipation more often in the long run.

How can that be? How can laxatives cause further constipation? Well, the muscles in your bowels (intestines) are just like any other muscles--if they don't get used, they get weaker. Over the counter laxatives often work because they are irritants which cause your intestines to contract more violently than normal. This can result in unpleasant cramping, followed by the bowel movement you want, but if your intestines get used to being forced to contract, they will become less able to contract on their own. This can result in more constipation, and a dependance on over the counter medicines in order to have a healthy bowel movement. If an OTC laxative contains ingredients like: senna, bisacodyl, aloin, pholphthalein, castor oil, or cascara, it is likely to fall into the "irritant" category.

Natural Treatment for Constipation

Contipation prevention involves the use of natural laxatives that do not work through irritation, but by adding bulk to the stool and softening the stool. Recommendations about getting enough fiber, especially dietary fiber, exist because eating food with high levels of fiber reduces the chance of getting constipation. This prevention can also be used as a natural cure: when you find yourself constipated, you may be able to fix the constipation by consuming a larger-than-normal, healthy meal which contains a lot of fiber and roughage. High fiber cereal, whole grains, and vegetables like celery and brocoli contain what you need to help your bowels get moving again and cure constipation.

As much as you might not feel like moving when you are constipated, one of the best ways to get your bowels going again is to get some exercise. Brisk physical exercise that involves a lot of movement gets your blood pumping, and gets stool moving through your colon as well! Swimming is not the best exercise to cure constipation, as the buoyancy of the water counteracts gravity and prevents the downward movement of the stool that you are hoping for. Jogging, running, or playing a sport that requires quick and agile movements is likely to cure your bout of constipation rather quickly!

Water is a wonderful treatment, almost a cure-all for about anything that ails you, and constipation is no exception. Drinking a lot of water can help the stool absorb more water and therefore become softer, which helps it move through the intestines faster. If you're trying to quickly cure constipation, rather than prevent it, you will have to drink a lot of water, perhaps 4 litres or more in a day, in order to see results. As a constipation prevention, drinking about 2 litres of water each day should do wonders.

It doesn't have to be difficult to cure constipation naturally. If the above methods don't work, try consulting a doctor before consulting the ex-lax. Your body will thank you for a natural constipation cure.

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